29 August 2014


Nothing lasts forever, things will change through time. Just let fate carry you forward when you are lost, and eventually you'll find your place in time.

17 June 2014


They say success is base off individuality in each their own. But to me, success is based of societal views. In American Society, success is to live the American dream, graduate from college and supporting a family. Therefore the position I am in at life would be success in third world countries, however I would be considered a failure in American society, having dropped out of college and inability to work due to high levels of stress when performing studies or work related tasks. 

06 April 2014


I've got everything coming for me yet I knock it away. Job opportunities to educational opportunities. The simplest work or class cause immense amounts of stress to me. I'm like screwed as long as I am alive because I don't fit in with the norms. There hasn't been a week passed where I don't think of ending my life in the past 6 years. I'm socially incapable. Meaning I can't live in today's typical society.

21 January 2014


I'm happy of where I am today. Although I'm not that happy at all, but it is as happy as I can get. If I were to change a thing of regret, I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't be myself.