20 February 2017


Loans for college, spend half a life time paying it off, get hard or good time finding a job after graduating depending on your major. Half of you won't even find the job you went to school for. On top of that is loans for your house and loans for your car. Then you start paying other stuff like wedding and having kids, and you just spend the rest of your life paying off things while you are alive and working and working hard to pay the debt. Wouldn't it be nice if you had no debt? American dream. When that time comes... when the money you own ends up owning you. If you ever get to the extremes, that's when everything collapse around you. When that that time comes, be prepared.

26 November 2016


I am thankful for everyone, good and bad for shaping the way I am today.

31 January 2016


If you want it bad enough, it becomes a need.

17 December 2015


You're beautifully poetic because you're so easy to stare at.

22 October 2015


I can't thrive in the present when I fear for the future. 

29 August 2014


Nothing lasts forever, things will change through time. Just let fate carry you forward when you are lost, and eventually you'll find your place in time.

17 June 2014


They say success is base off individuality in each their own. But to me, success is based of societal views. In American Society, success is to live the American dream, graduate from college and supporting a family. Therefore the position I am in at life would be success in third world countries, however I would be considered a failure in American society, having dropped out of college and inability to work due to high levels of stress when performing studies or work related tasks. 

06 April 2014


I've got everything coming for me yet I knock it away. Job opportunities to educational opportunities. The simplest work or class cause immense amounts of stress to me. I'm like screwed as long as I am alive because I don't fit in with the norms. There hasn't been a week passed where I don't think of ending my life in the past 6 years. I'm socially incapable. Meaning I can't live in today's typical society.

21 January 2014


I'm happy of where I am today. Although I'm not that happy at all, but it is as happy as I can get. If I were to change a thing of regret, I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't be myself. 

25 August 2013


Life is too short to not want to believe in everything that you've always wanted to believe in. Even if it's something not many people have hopes for, even if it's something that seems impossible to obtain. A little bit of faith, a little bit of hope, and that puts you on the list to possibly one day achieve it. Better to die knowing you believed in something than to die knowing you did not.

12 August 2013


If it was a secret you kept, then it was never a secret. The secret behind a secret is that it is not if it is kept, rather it is just another figment of your imagination. Secrets are meant to be broken and known and that's the beauty of making it a secret.

24 May 2013


If God put you in a world where everything happens for a reason. Then hell wouldn't have existed. If everything happens for a reason then there wouldn't be turmoil on Earth. Thus hell exists. 

20 May 2013


The Lord created us individually to create our own paths rather than to create us through a series of linear steps through time. He has done so because he knew he wouldn't have created you the way he did if you were created not strong enough to live the way he had imagined, through his own image.

09 May 2013


When you die, your family, friends, and the people you saw never existed. When you die, you never existed. There is no point of having family, friends, or people existing around you. There is no point of your existence. 

07 May 2013


Positivity is a fad existing to humanity only to mask negativity which is inevitable in standard society.

30 April 2013


What's the point of life when success is all so uncertain. Life is uncertain of happiness but so certain of sadness. The point of living is absolute turmoil when it is uncertainty to obtain happiness after living up to everything life has to offer.

29 April 2013


Don't lose hope in God when everything falls around you. Just that small bit of faith is what makes you stand tall above everything around you.

24 April 2013


If I let go of what could bring me close to her, what I let go will save me. If I bring forth of what could bring me close to her, what I bring forth may destroy me. I must let her go. I must save myself.

23 April 2013


If it was a dream that you obtained in reality, then it's not a dream at all. Dreams are something that cannot be obtained in reality but rather it stays in your dreams.

14 December 2012


The Lord created you not because he had a set of fate for you to follow. He created you limitless in possibilities. He created you because he knew he wouldn't if it is everything in life you could not of handled.

29 June 2012


Don't hold anything back. Life can be deafening, and silence is a nightmare.

17 May 2012


Realizing I never had to prove anybody wrong, I only do it for myself.

11 July 2010


I need a girl who doesn't want anything because I have nothing.

15 April 2010


There's no point of anything because there's everything. There's no point of everything because there's nothing.

09 April 2010


It is a permanent feeling to temporary problems. These are permanent problems to temporary solutions.

02 April 2010


The word "impossible" exists for a reason.

19 March 2010


Empty eyes give my empty thoughts. Not a rush of blood that wants to live, flowing in a maze looking for an exit. I've asked for forgiveness and I've asked for guidance, nothing answered but the day before, circulating all over again. Many people have forgotten God, yet it is God who have forgotten me. No longer can I embrace reality, so I let fate forward me. Sometimes too empty for fate to carry, even it has lost faith in me.

17 March 2010


Always look down, your reality will always be a disappointment.

25 February 2010


I need change, I can only change when I'm alone. The people I know will always be the people I know. I can't change when I know what I know.

20 February 2010


Eternity froze when I saw her. Angel eyes with innocent lips. She stared at me as I stared at her. For only a second her eyes saw through mine, and for only a second I saw through her mind. When I gazed her from outside in, I penetrated love's meaning thin. Love destroys me, she drowns me, visualizing our hearts entwined to fit the end of time and space, we interlocked in ecstasy, but even that was not enough. Into her eyes I saw a dream, only it wasn't. She was impossible, only possible. I've lost all hope and I've lost all faith, I've lost my life when I've lost her eyes.