24 May 2013


If God put you in a world where everything happens for a reason. Then hell wouldn't have existed. If everything happens for a reason then there wouldn't be turmoil on Earth. Thus hell exists. 

20 May 2013


The Lord created us individually to create our own paths rather than to create us through a series of linear steps through time. He has done so because he knew he wouldn't have created you the way he did if you were created not strong enough to live the way he had imagined, through his own image.

09 May 2013


When you die, your family, friends, and the people you saw never existed. When you die, you never existed. There is no point of having family, friends, or people existing around you. There is no point of your existence. 

07 May 2013


Positivity is a fad existing to humanity only to mask negativity which is inevitable in standard society.